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About Kramer Law LLC
Kramer Law LLC is dedicated to building mutual understanding through continuous communication. Throughout each case, Jeremy Kramer works directly with the client. In the beginning, he explores the value and significance of the matter to the client. In turn, he helps the client understand the legal issues involved in the matter. Working together, attorney and client identify goals and develop budgets to accommodate those goals.

Based on these initial findings, Jeremy develops a strategy to manage the matter effectively and efficiently and if litigation ensues, a litigation plan. From beginning to end, the firm is diligent about keeping the client informed. The firm prides itself on exceptional follow-through, practicality and performance.

The firm is characterized by the following tenets:

"I would never hesitate to refer businesses to Jeremy because first and foremost, he clearly demonstrates that he cares about his clients. He's exceptionally meticulous in his representation. His knowledge and demeanor make him a true client advocate."

Elliot Richardson
Attorney and Founder,
Small Business Advocacy Council